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Belleville 310
Desert-Tan Boot

Desert / Tan Combat Boots are primarily worn with the U.S. Army's Army Combat Uniform (ACU). ACU approved Desert Boots usually require a height of at least 8 inches, a rough-side-out cattlehide leather and cannot have a zipper. U.S. Army soldiers serving in Afghanistan wearing the MultiCam uniform also wear desert combat boots.

Desert Military Boots were designed to replace the black leather jungle boots for soldiers serving in the Middle East. Soldiers needed a boot that was designed for the temperate desert region and would not fill up with sand.

Today, Desert Combat Boots are designed by companies such as Belleville, Altama and Converse to provide footwear to withstand the environment of the desert. Desert boots can have features such as safety or steel toes, waterproofing, moisture-wicking for hot weather or insulation for cold weather.

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Purchasing Desert Army Boots

Reebok RB8896 Rapid Response Military Boots - Desert/Tan
Reebok RB8896
Rapid Response Military Boots offers an extensive selection of Desert Boots that include a wide array of features including safety toe, waterproof, and zippers for both Men and Women. View their selection and Buy Army Boots today by visiting the Military Uniform Supply website at or by clicking the green VIEW BOOTS Button.

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