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The next generation of multi-terrain tactical concealment is a 7 color camo pattern called MultiCam™. MultiCam™ was created by Crye Associates and in 2010, approved to be used by U.S. Army units serving in Afghanistan. This camouflage pattern has been designated OCP or Operation Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern by the U.S. Military. Before the Army decided to incorporate this camo pattern, Multicam™ was already being sold commercially to civilians for hunting, paintball, airsoft and casual wear.

Currently, U.S. Troops serving in the Middle East are wearing Desert Combat Boots with their MultiCam™ uniform. However, manufacturers such as Belleville & Converse are now marketing high quality footwear in this new camo pattern. These MultiCam™ Boots are extremely popular with airsoft teams, paintball teams, and the average civilian camo enthusiast. It is recommended that U.S. troops wanting to wear MultiCam™ camouflage boots with their OCP Uniform receive authorization from their chain of command.

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Purchasing MultiCam™ Boots

MultiCam Quickfinder
MultiCam™ Quickfinder is a great website to buy MultiCam™ boots, uniforms, rank insignia, and gear. They have a MultiCam™ Quickfinder that helps their customers locate, review and purchase the items they need for their OCP MultiCam™ Uniform. View their selection and Buy MultiCam™ Boots today by visiting the Military Uniform Supply website at or by clicking the green VIEW BOOTS Button.

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