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Reebok RB8896 Rapid Response Military Boots - Desert/Tan
Reebok RB8896
Rapid Response Military Boots

Reebok boots offer a wide array of features including safety toe, waterproof, and zippers for both Men and Women. Reebok military boots are available in Desert Tan, Sage Green, and Black to meet the needs of U.S. Military, Tactical Wear, and Civilian use such as U.S. Postal Workers.

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Reebok strives for comfort, durability and performance by designing their military footwear to absorb impact, support the ankles, and comfort. Reebok footwear is designed for "athletes in uniform."

History of Reebok Military Footwear

The Reebok running shoe company was founded as J.W. Foster and Sons in the United Kingdom in 1895. In 1958, the company name was changed to Reebok. This was in reference to the Grey Rhebok, the name for a South African Antelope. At a Chicago trade show in 1979, Reebok shoes caught the attention of American Businessman, Paul Fireman, who marketed the brand in the United States.

Reebok's contract for their Military Boot line is owned by Warson Brands. Warson began marketing their military boots with Converse in 2005. In 2012, they switched vendors allowing Reebok to market the boots. Many of the Converse boot style such as the Rapid Response, are still available today, but now manufactured by Reebok.

Today, Reebok Military Boots are recognized as high performance, comfortable, athletic footwear for military personnel. Engineered to withstand rough environments and provide athletic support in garrisson, Reebok brand military boots help accomplish the mission.

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