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Rothco 5081 G.I. Style Jungle Boot
Rothco 5081
G.I. Style Jungle Boots

Rothco military footwear is quite popular for ROTC, JROTC, parades, halloween costumes, office wear, paintball, airsoft, kids, plays, or other light duty activities.

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Rothco brand Military Jungle Boots, Combat Boots, Tactical Boots, Dress Shoes - Oxfords, Cold Weather Socks and other Footwear are available to the public at an affordable, inexpensive price.

About Rothco Military Footwear

Rothco was founded in Manhattan in 1953 by Milton Somberg. This wholesale supplier focuses on offering affordable, military style footwear for military, public service, outdoor activities, kids, halloween costumes and other light duty activities.

Rothco's military style combat boots and oxford dress shoes are today's choice for individuals looking for great value and affordability.

Boots such as the 5081 - Military GI Style Jungle Boot provide a vintage look at an amazing low price. This particular style of boot is quite often purchased in bulk by JROTC Units, Theatre and Youth Groups.

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