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Belleville USAF Waterproof Flight Boots
Belleville 690 Sage Green
USAF Waterproof Flight Boots

When your boots get wet, does water "bead up" and roll off of the leather? Are you a member of law enforcement, the military or a civilian laborer that trains or works all day in a wet, rainy environment? Do your socks and feet stay dry all day? If not, then you may need to invest in a pair of waterproof boots to protect your feet from the elements.

Waterproof Boots usually have a water repellent leather finish and a waterproof/breathable membrane that keeps water from penetrating the interior layer of a boot. One of the most popular waterproof membrane fabrics for durability and performance is Gore-Tex®. Gore-Tex® fabric is engineered to keep moisture out but also allows sweat to be wicked away from the boot. Of course there are other membranes that offer similar protection as well as waterproofed leather for ultimate wet-weather protection.

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Purchasing Waterproof Boots

Reebok RB8877 Rapid Response Waterproof Boot
Reebok RB8877 Rapid Response
Waterproof Boots with Zipper

Keep your feet nice and dry by purchaing a pair of Waterproof Boots. Military Uniform Supply, Inc. has waterproof boots available for MEN and WOMEN in Sage Green, Desert-Tan and Black. View water resistant options by visiting the Military Uniform Supply website at MilitaryClothing.com or by clicking the green VIEW BOOTS Button.

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