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Women of the United States Armed Forces can buy military boots specifically designed for women's feet. Most women's tactical and combat boots have all of the same features, performance and comfort of the mens version but available in women's sizes. Boot Manufacturers such as Belleville, Converse and Altama, lead the way to provide women in the military, law enforcement, or civilian world their own line of high quality footwear.

A wide range of Womens Military Boots can be found online at places like MilitaryUniformSupply.com. However, sometimes women prefer to order a men's boot. How do you convert women's shoe size to men's shoe size? A general rule of thumb is to subtract two (2) from the women's shoe size to find out what size she would wear in men's. For example, a woman that wears a size 8 in women's will probably wear a 6 or 6 1/2 in men's. Shoe and boot sizing outside of the United States use completely different ways of measuring feet and evaluating boot and shoe sizes.

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Purchasing Women's Boots

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Military Uniform Supply has developed an entire subcategory of womens boots available for purchase on their website. of womens military boots. These include Desert Army Boots, black combat boots and MultiCam™. Also available are Air Force Sage Green and Marine Olive boots. View their selection and Buy Womens Military Boots today by visiting the Military Uniform Supply website at MilitaryClothing.com or by clicking the green VIEW BOOTS Button.